Flory's Beauty Studio

Beautiful is made here

It's not what we do. But how we do it!

Get that new look you that's been running through your mind since you seen the last issue of Vogue Magazine.

Since Egyptians times women have been revered for there hair and beauty always trying to look there best. Good thing we have staff with new techniques and styles. Otherwise we would all still be wearing pony tails and straight bobs.
Its the little details that make you pretty

Why call it Nail Art you ask! It's only because 80%-90% of our displayed models are hand painted and of course is the work of an artist. But alas there are some people who still prefer the classical leopard print. Also because 'work pride' is an issue for us we only use high quality GEL (NO ACRYLIC EVER) for all jobs.
Giving you the "LOOK"

Whoever said that curves are the most beautiful thing you can see on a women he was right. That's why we do all kind of curves "C" "J" even the most curvaceous Russian style. Warning prolonged wear may cause addiction to looking good.
Why not?

Who would't want to finish off those curves with a nice and strong arch.
If the eyes are the windows to the soul then the eyebrows would definitely be the frame that hold it all together. With all that in place the "soul" looks a lot better.  
It's "pains" to be smooth and silky.

We know every one gives an "ouch" here and there but with a pair of soft hands and skilled mind you won't have too. Why hide your surprisingly beautiful legs in a old pair of Denim. When you can wear a short Denim of course on your way to the beach.
Relax and Do It.

It's the final stage of the transition if you made it this far you are in the clear. All of the hard work has been done for tonight's event it only leave some minor details to be sorted. The dress and shoes. Good Luck! 
Too smokey or not too smokey

That is the question that ponder you must. There is a time of choosing the Diva look and the time to behave. Be thy wild be thy timid we have the perfect make up for you.

Glasgow, Scotland

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